Mozart Magnus

Mozart MagnusWolfgang Amadé Mozart‘s Official Weblog.

Really? Shocking! Unbelievable! Surely not! Cannot be! It’s not possible! I’m humbled! Grateful! Excited!  Thank you! I bow!

A winsome bow from our part, Herr Mozart! Alas, we seem to have arrived too late to talk to you, ask you a question, or more… and we have so many questions without an answer!… Like you have probably found out yourself, this strange realm called internet is so vaste that it often happens to not be able to discover in time all the wonderful places in which one would like to travel. But now that we are here, on your blog, Herr Mozart, we will enjoy reading the gracious letters that you have posted with the help of the Magic Box, we will let our imagination flow while browsing through the images which illustrate moments of your time, dearest, kindest friend Wolfgang Amadé, in the hope that, maybe, you will sometime honour us again with your wonderful letters.

Farewell, beloved friend, your sublime music accompanies our passing through the moments of our time’s life! Oh, if only you could have known, in your time, how much light your music would bring in our soul, how much peace in our heart!

Alles Gute, Wolfgang Amadeo! As long as Your divine music exists, you are with us!

We remain forever your sincere and faithful friends,

Cristina, Family, Friends, World


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