There was a time when silence was heard, when trees were in harmony with the grass and the song of flowers, when the afternoons were gardens of fragrances and twilights threaded their velvety harps near to the weary eyelids of the day, when the moment lasted an eternity and the longing, the reverie, the melancholy would subdue the impassioned gestures of love…

There was the realm of the preclassical, of the sensibility touched by the music of spheres, of the perfect, unaffected hearing, at whose gate sublime inspirations would turn up…

Then lived on earth an Albinoni, a Pergolesi, a Marcello, a Corelli, a Haendel, a Vivaldi, a Bach. They lived, they composed, they accomplished, meeting the universal stillness with the  whispers of the genius dressed in transparency and serenity, and from a certain moment they disappeared in the turmoil of a world who had begun moving its armors.

Never again will there be a servant more modest and humble than the composer of paradisiac callings which we can hear – graceful blessings for the spirit – in the four seasons of perfect music…


J.S. Bach – Oboe Concerto in d minor

Bach – Air on the G String, performed on original instruments and in characteristic pitch (18th century tuning)

J.S. Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (31 martie 1685- 28 iulie 1750)

Alessandro Marcello – Oboe Concerto in D Minor

ALESSANDRO MARCELLO (24 august 1669 – 19 iunie 1747)

Tomaso Albinoni – Adagio in G minor

TOMASO ALBINONI  (8 iunie 1671 – 17 ianuarie 1751)

Antonio Vivaldi – Oboe Concerto in D Minor

Antonio Vivaldi – Gloria in D Major

Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Spring

Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Summer

Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Autumn

Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Winter

ANTONIO VIVALDI (4 martie 1678 – 28 iulie 1741)

Haendel – Oboe Concerto No.3 in G minor

GEORG FRIEDRICH HAENDEL (23 februarie 1685 – 14 aprilie 1759)


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