Happy Eternity to Saint Wolfgang’s Music!

On 31 October the Christian Churches are celebrating Saint Wolfgang, one of the great German saints of the tenth century. During his lifetime Saint Wolfgang was a reformer of the Church, a teacher, a priest, a hermit, a missionary and a bishop. He has worked miracles of healing of the body but mostly of the soul. The place he retired to live in ascese was on the shores of a lake which today bears his name: WolfgangSee.

For 35 years Wolfgang Mozart has celebrated his name day on 31 October!

Sunday, 31 October 1762, at the age of six years, Wolfgang received from his father, Leopold, a compiled music book, as a gift for his name day.

Friday, 31 October 1777, Wolfgang was in Mannheim, together with Kapellmeister Christian Cannabich, Court violinist Johann Georg Danner and singer Anton Raaff. In the evening of his name day Wolfgang would attend the rehearsal of Haendel’s oratorio Messiah

Saturday, 31 October 1778, Mozart was giving his third concert in Strasbourg.

Wolfgang had arrived in town on October 10, heading home from Paris. In Strasbourg he discovered a wonderful illuminist city in which music, painting, fine arts were very much valued. On 17 October Mozart gave a piano recital at Poêle du Miroir, in the room which today bears his name, “Mozart Room”. On 24 and 31 October Mozart performed in a grand concert with orchestra, at the French Comedy (the building would be destroyed in 1800, in a fire).

Wednesday, 31 October 1781, Mozart was in Vienna.

He spent his name day at the Baroness Martha Elisabeth von Waldstätten, his generous patron and supporter, and also a dear friend. Mozart reached Baroness Waldstätten’s residence at 12 o’clock for lunch, they spent the afternoon together, and late in the evening, under his windows, Mozart could listen to his Serenade for Eight Winds (K 375), a surprise offered by the Baroness Waldstätten to honor his name day.

Sunday, 31 October 1784, in Vienna, Mozart’s pupils celebrated his name day performing a concert in his honor, at his home,  an apartment in Camesina Haus, not far from Stephansdom.

Mozart's apartment on Domgasse

Baron von Bagge from Paris, who at the time resided in Vienna, joined the celebration and played a violin concerto. In those times countesses, barons, duchesses, emperors played one or more musical instruments, and music was always present in their life.

There where he is, today, on his name day, we can only offer Wolfgang Mozart our deepest gratitude and affection! There where he is he already knows that His music has raised him to the right of the Saints!

To Saint Wolfgang of Music, a shy homage of our eternal love! And a musical thought on his name day: the beautiful Andante of his Piano Concerto 21!


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