A lost world

A beautiful picture comes to my mind whenever I think of the perfect ambiance for listening to music: an elegant salon, concert or opera hall, sumptuous decorations of velvet and gold, the fascinating glow in the light of candles set in silver candlesticks, crystal chandeliers casting their rays upon the refined audience: men wearing embroidered jackets and white lace chemises, women wearing breathtakingly beautiful long dresses, all brocade and taffeta and silk, delicate jewellery sparkling on their skin as they leisurely move their feathered fans… A lost world, it seems… for which I long… Now it’s jeans and sports shoes in the concert halls, and no salons anymore. Music has survived, and will survive no matter what – but the magic of that ambiance, its special feeling is, alas, gone…  


iPod meet Mozart

I would never have thought that a commercial could convey such a special emotion. In fact, this video doesn’t seem to be a commercial. Maybe because it was made with a soul 🙂