Mail from Vienna :)

The other day I was remembering the special feeling of finding a real letter in the mailbox… the thoughts came to my mind while admiring some beautiful stationery: the finest writing paper embellished with an exquisite Florentine pattern. Yes, e-mail is ok, so fast, so convenient, we couldn’t do without it in our time… but we have lost something that we might never experience again: the warmth of that intimate feeling imprinted in a letter, the pleasure of writing with a pen on a beautiful paper, which will be carefully folded and wrapped in its matching envelope, to be sent to someone who in a few days will open the mailbox and find it there… the same joy that we feel when we turn the pages of a book and let ourselves become one with it, while it grows alive in our mind… 

Today the doorbell rang and  when I opened I saw the postwoman holding a small envelope and a big one, “too big to fit the mailbox”, she said, smilingly. The small envelope had travelled over the ocean, from my beloved aunt: adorned with delicate Christmas figures, it nested a beautiful card with her loving thoughts and Christmas wishes. The second envelope wore the mark of the Austrian Post, and was coming from Wien Tourismus, offering me the wonderful surprise of a book, “Wien Walks” (won in’s competition, a few days ago), and the excellent 2012 magazine of Vienna Tourist Board 🙂 

Together with Merisi’s beautiful blog, the page is one I visit each day, because it is the perfect place to keep in touch with the news and most of all with the feeling of the Great City! Through their page my eyes see Vienna and my heart feels it. And today, when I received “the big envelope”, it was that special emotion of touching the letter, and with it a little part of Vienna… I  hope to be able to use “Wien Walks” next year – it is a precious wish on my Wishlist! 

Heartfelt thanks to Ms Birgit, to the Vienna Tourist Board, for their dedicated and professional work, for everything  they are doing to bring Vienna closer to us!  


If you haven’t decided yet which city to visit before Christmas, maybe this wonderful image of the Vienna Rathausplatz dressed in Christmas lights will show you the way!  

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  1. Thank you for your kind words!

    May all your wishes come true! 🙂

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