Walking with Mozart, on his Birthday

It’s been snowing for three days… a long-awaited snow… 

The car is stuck in the parking, so yesterday I walked a long way 

to the post office, 

and it felt wonderful! 

I had not walked for a long time, 

so long it felt like I was just discovering 

the sensation of delicate snow flakes 

touching my skin… 

I walked  

on a long, quiet street, 

an old street, 

with old houses, 

some of them remnants of a time when Bucharest 

was called “The Little Paris”.  

I walked for a long time, 

with Mozart’s music playing in my mind… 

(whenever I’m alone his music starts to play inside me, 

and then I’m not alone


I only stopped to freeze some images 

of a past long gone, 

when people needed beauty 

more than they do today, 

and so they built beautiful houses  

in stone, 

not skyscrapers 

in metal, 

and they carved the stone 

and adorned their houses 

with beauty.  

And as I stood in front of this ornamented house,

looking at the statue on the facade, 

I thought of Vienna, 

the majestic city where He wrote the music 

that keeps playing inside me. 

On Mozart’s Birthday, 

melancholy has no place. 

Only the joy for his coming into being!  

MOZART – Allegro from Piano Concerto in Es-dur, no 22, K.482 – beautifully played by Daniel Barenboim – at 2:55:31



  1. Beautiful photos and poetic text!
    Lovely choice of joyful music too!

    Congratulations and thanks!

  2. Reblogged this on knacktimesite and commented:
    Beautiful Poem ♡

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