Vienna 2013: A Happy Beginning! Prosit Neujahr!

“It’s not music who serves me, it is I who serve music. Today there is too much show going on and I don’t like it. This orchestra values more, and plays better when the conductor is not grimacing all the time. 

The members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are endowed with great joy and an incredible instinct to play this music at the highest level. 

I love the human voice, for me no other instrument is more beautiful. And this orchestra breathes together with the singer. 

I love my profession, but I think life is more beautiful when you cultivate and cherish your relations and special moments. 

I am not a city person, I love nature, I climb mountains, I read, and those activities need time. You cannot conduct Dvorjak’s Fifth Symphony if you don’t know the Czech forests. 

I don’t feel like I have chosen music, I feel I was chosen by music. 

Thus a career is born, but the most important thing is to rejoice in music.” 

Franz Welser-Möst

Conductor, General Music Director Vienna Staatsoper, Music Director Cleveland Orchestra 

(from the interview broadcast by the National Romanian Television on January 1st, 2013, after the Vienna New Year’s Concert 2013 with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Franz Welser-Möst

Image from Vienna New Year’s Concert 2013 

Franz Welser-Möst - Vienna New Year's Concert 2013

On 1 January 2013, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has interpreted the New Year’s Concert under the baton of Maestro Franz Welser-Möst. Just like on the first day of 2011, the Austrian conductor has opened the door to a magical world in which our spirit was free to travel at will, enjoying the superb interpretation, the talent and professionalism of the Viennese musicians, the classic, majestic ambience of the magnificent Goldener Saal of the Musikverein, the images of the memory of a glorious cultural past which has spread Vienna’s fame in the entire world. In this privileged place, in the harmonies of the music from the beginning of a year, watching Franz Welser-Möst I perceived in the elegance of his apparition a moving mozartian air. The conductor strongly reminded of the time of glory of a Vienna which had fallen in love with the music of the young son of Salzburg, newly arrived in golden concert halls to raise the music of the world at supreme altitudes. The Linz-born musician has evoked Wagner and Verdi through the program of the Concert, but I missed the accords from the symphonies of the child who had raised to the heights of his genius. I rejoiced in the feeling of music, but I also felt nostalgia: on the first day of a new year I missed Mozart! The entire concert was a ritual fairy tale of Music, under the magic hands of a high attitude conductor! I look forward to a New Year’s Concert in which Franz Welser-Möst will evoke Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Franz Welser-Moest    Mozart - portrait painted by Barbara Kraft in 1819, under the supervision of Nannerl Mozart - 1
    Mozart - unauthenticated portrait    Mozart - The Hagenauer portrait - 1783, Vienna, authenticated for The Mozarteum in 2008 - 2
(Photos copyright Franz Welser-Möst – images of Mozart taken from the internet)
(Excerpts from the interview translated from Romanian subtitles to English)


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