Mozart. An endless sorrow.

Mozart painted by Lange in 1783

It is 5 December. For 222 years humanity has been waiting for you to come back. Your music has survived and will go on. But we miss your living heart, your soul enlightened by a divine feeling of harmony! For you have been His gift, and few of us have understood… 

You, Mozart, harrowing light in the darkness that surrounds us! In your park clad in mourning dress, the leaves of winter are whispering your name. It is 5 December. A serene calm overtaken by the night until the world abandoned itself to the despair of understanding it had lost you forever! If only we could, through our love, resurrect your fragile being, so you could smile to us again, you, Mozart, majestically  sleeping in our soul! If only you could feel our hurt, knowing you were summoned forever there where only angels listen to you, shivering in the divine beauty of your music! Oh, Mozart, it is night, a neverending night in a day of 5 December! A day in which both you and us died a little… 

Mozart… Mozart… Mozart… celestial echo of humanity’s child… 




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  1. So true. So sad. So happy to have his infinitely beautiful music.

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