Vibrations: Mehlgrube

It was almost midnight when I reached Kärntnerstrasse, on the way back to Stephansdom. I had let myself wander for hours without target, without map, immersed in the sights and sounds of the majestic city, enjoying the wonderful sensation of being back in Vienna! Having delighted for three days in the magic of Salzburg’s Old City, with its quiet streets and peaceful life, I was now trying to find “my” Vienna, somewhere in the noise and crowds which assaulted the streets even at that late hour. I had been in the city since the early morning, on the streets of the Innere Stadt… Domgasse, Blutgasse, Schulerstrasse, Annagasse, Himmelpfortgasse, Griechengasse… and now I was on my way back to the hotel, not because I wished to, not because I was tired, but because it was almost midnight, and there was a tomorrow waiting to be discovered. I had stopped on Kärntnerstrasse without knowing why, I remember I hadn’t looked around me, neither to the right, nor to the left… and yet there was something in that place… a feeling… a resonance… there was something calling me… so I turned left and started to walk… 

And then I saw the fountain, and recognized it… not like you recognize an image you have seen in an album, or on the internet, or in a previous voyage, but like you recognize a place that you have known… like your feelings are whispering you have returned to a place that once was so familiar…  

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 1

I felt the vibrations, and heard the unspoken words… I turned my head to the left, slowly, somehow fearing it won’t be there when my eyes reach it… and I saw The Ambassador… I raised my head and followed its imposing shape from the ground to the sky…  

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 2

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 3

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 11

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 4

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 5

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 6

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 7

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 8

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 9

And then I closed my eyes and saw the Mehlgrube… 

Neuer Markt, Mehlgrube on the right - 1760 painting by Canaletto

… and felt the emotion of that moment when my beloved concert premiered there, on a night of 11 February 1785…  

Mozart's Thematic Catalogue 2

Mozart's Thematic Catalogue 1

Mozart - Piano Concerto 20 - first page of the autograph

I call to you, Music,  

I close my eyes and see 

the Mehlgrube, 

the guests have arrived,  

the hall is filled with their murmur,  

impatient as they are for 

the concert to start, 

the musicians are holding their instruments,  

their eyes on the precious score 

lighted by the golden glow of candles,   

and then He appears…  

Mozart - portrait by Lange

231 years ago, at the Mehlgrube, this is how it might have sounded like…

Piano Concerto 20 - 5

And this is how it sounds today…




Der Neue Markt, früher Mehlmarkt Richtung Norden (rechts Mehlgrube)


Neuer Markt, Mehlgrube on the right - 1760 painting by Canaletto

Neuer Markt with the old Mehlgrube on the right – still there in 1902, when the photo was taken (source of info: Dr Michael Lorenz, image from

Mehlgrube - Ambassador 10

Hotel Ambassador Vienna - Neuer Markt - Mehlgrube Hall in 1785

Hotel Ambassador, Vienna

Piano Concerto 20 - 2

10 February 1785 – The D minor Piano Concerto is born

11 February 1785 – The Premiere of the D minor Piano Concerto 

Piano Concerto 20 - 3

Photos © mezzocristina where specified, including score, 

Image of Mozart’s Thematic Catalogue © The British Library 

other images credits specified there where available,

other images from the internet, assumed to be in the public domain.

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