Mozart. The Last Journey.

Wolfgang Amadè Mozart was buried in the Sankt Marx Cemetery on the 7th of December 1791. The burial depicted in Amadeus was a poetic license: profoundly moving and emotional, but not loyal to reality. 
“The historical facts can be summarized as follows:”, says Dr Michael Lorenz
1. Mozart was not buried in a linen bag without a coffin, because such burials were never obligatory in Vienna. 
2. Mozart was not buried in a mass grave, but in a customary “allgemeines Grab” (the usual common grave).” 

In a fascinating research article, Dr Michael Lorenz takes us back in time, in Josephine Vienna, and proves through archival sources, historic facts, in-depth and extensive knowledge and brilliant analysis, that Mozart was most likely buried in a coffin, in a customary grave. 

On what happened after that day of 7 December 1791, history left us only bits and pieces. The customs of the time decided the future: no tombstone, no flower arrangements, no visits on Sunday mornings, no memory of the place where Mozart was buried. When, after many years, Constanze Mozart eventually thought of identifying the exact place where her husband had been buried, it was too late. The Mozart Memorial in the Sankt Marx Cemetery doesn’t mark the grave where Mozart’s body found eternal rest. 

His mortal remains may have disappeared forever, or may still lie somewhere in the holy grounds of St Marx. But his soul, his heart, his spirit live on, through his divine Music! 







Mozart’s only mention as Wolfgang Amadeus in an official document made during his lifetime was found in 1998 by Mozart scholar Michael Lorenz in the registers of the Lower Austrian Governorship, where in May 1787 “Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus” is referred to as having applied for the return of his written surety for his friend Franz Jacob Freystadtler.’s_name


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