Christmas in Spring: W.A. Mozart ‘The New Complete Edition’

This is the Christmas present which came together with the first snowdrops! ❤

I am happy, and grateful! For the joy, for the love! ❤  

W.A. Mozart ‘The New Complete Edition’: 240 hours of Mozart’s music on 200 cd’s (including for the first time the Handel and Bach arrangements, and performances recorded on Mozart’s own instruments), symphonies and concertos on period instruments, two fully-illustrated hardback books, prints of the last authenticated portrait, two score manuscripts and a letter to his father (courtesy of Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation), a new Kochel Catalogue. 

Could one have wished for more? Well, maybe: to have that “In celebration of Mozart’s 225th anniversary” title on the box changed to “In celebration of Mozart”! In 2016 we celebrated 260 years from Mozart’s birth, and commemorated 225 years from his death, and since we cannot celebrate commemorations, “In celebration of Mozart” would have been ideal! Just like it would have been to see works of all the great Mozart scholars in the books! But apart from these, I don’t know if there is anything I could have wished for more! 

The W.A. Mozart ‘New Complete Edition’ is such a beautiful accomplishment that words are not enough to describe the joy of seeing it find its place in my Mozart shelf!

And Music made my heart sing when I opened my Christmas present, on a beautiful Spring day! ❤ ❤ 


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