My Mozart Shelf

“… Yes, I’ve read everything you see in those two shelves… and yet I feel I know nothing about him… Take a look at this book: there are one thousand five hundred pages of which sixty alone contain the bibliography from which the book was born! I felt despair going through those last pages, asking myself if it would ever be possible to read everything that was written about him… it’s like a giant river, thousands of souls have written millions of pages about One only… I asked myself why, why this turmoil, this deep emotion that touches all who touch him… a profound disquiet, for some, for others a desire pushed towards obsession… an almost irrational need to get closer to him, to know him, to understand him… and no one has succeeded yet… no one… this is why the line of those who keep looking for him is so long…”  


My Mozart Shelf spread on my harpsichord: A MozartKlavier 

My MozartKlavier 1

A fine moment to say Thank You again, Ralu! 🙂 

My MozartKlavier 2

My MozartKlavier 3

My MozartKlavier 4

My MozartKlavier 5

My MozartKlavier 6

My MozartKlavier 7

My Mozart Shelf 1

My Mozart Shelf 2

My Mozart Shelf 3

My Mozart Shelf 4

My MozartKlavier 8

My MozartKlavier 10

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